User Insights

Understand Who Your Users Are

You have to truly know your users to engage them. User-level insights, real time analytics, interaction analysis and more

Marketing Automation

Powering Personalized Engagement

Experiment with different user segments, re-engage users cleverly and improve retention rates using Smart Targeting, Push Notifications and Campaigns

Monetize and Convert

Converting Your Conversations

Make Every Interaction Count With Live Human Intervention, Crisis Alerts and Monetization Channels is built to bring value to the entire chatbot lifecycle:

We Support

Smart Targeting, Push Notifications and Campaigns

Segment, target and re-engage different users with different profiles and behaviors. Deliver a truly personalized engagement.

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Conversation Transcripts

Watch your bot interactions across all platforms with our rich media transcripts and event timelines. Use advanced filters to discovers patterns and trends and learn about what type of conversations succeed.

Bot Admin Dashboard

Advanced dashboard of analytics and insights with all the metrics you need to succeed

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Live Intervention

Know that something is wrong even before the user does. Pause any conversation that goes wrong, intervene and save the day.

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