No one knows your customers better than you (+bonobo)

Bonobo analyzes 100% of your customer interactions, converts them to actionable segments and insights, and drives a personalized experience that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Bonobo TextBrain 

Thanks to Bonobo’s proprietary TextBrain technology, our clients gain unprecedented insight into what their customers say, request, want, and do – at scale, and in real time. Be it in sales calls, support centers or social media: Bonobo is there to listen to your customers, and tell you not only what’s going on, but also why.

The Voice of your Customers was never so loud and clear.

Bonobo’s AI allows you to understand not only what customers want now, but what they will need tomorrow.

Understand your customers

Bonobo helps you understand your customers in unprecedented granularity. Improve your product and services based on what customers need, want and like. Understand why customers leave and prevent them from doing so, and deliver personalized marketing to keep them coming back for more.

Curated Future Opportunities

Bonobo helps you spot upsell opportunities for different customer segments, discover potential VIP clients, and predict how an opportunity – or a risk – could affect different types of customers. Bonobo allows you to act on these opportunities. With a single click.

Customers know what they want  and the customer is always right

Provide a truly personalized, customer-centric experience at scale

AI-driven Customer Segmentation

Bonobo performs real-time customer segmentation based on what customers do, request, need, complain about and more. Choose from a selection dozens of highly granular customer segments

Automate, Export and Enrich

Bonobo’s deep customer insights can be easily exported and connected to any database, platform and service in order to enable real time automation and data enrichment.

100% customer data capture

Bonobo captures data from every source: phone calls, emails, CRMs, Customer Success platforms, support tickets, analytics, databases and more. Bonobo unifies all your customer data in one place.

Predictive Audiences

Bonobo’s predictive algorithms let you know how different opportunities and risks potentially affect your whole customer base.

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Bonobo is everything you need to get to know your customers, increase conversion and prove ROI