What is Bonobo?

It all began with a great ape.

Bonobo was founded in 2017 with a simple mission: harness the power of conversational intelligence to improve customer relationships.

The idea was born when Bonobo’s co-founders, engineers with backgrounds in AI and deep learning, realized that companies were missing out on all the rich insights embedded in voice communication with customers.

In founding the company, they drew inspiration from the bonobo: an intelligent (and adorable) primate with an uncanny ability to understand human language. (Learn more about Kanzi here.) Like its namesake, Bonobo seeks to intuit the meaning behind speech as a way of improving relationships and interactions.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Bonobo currently works with some of the most dynamic and customer-centric organizations in the world. It doesn’t have any non-human customers. (Yet.)

Who We Are

Efrat Rapoport

Co-founder & CEO

is a cross-disciplinary innovator and entrepreneur who was recognized by Forbes as a member of its 30 Under 30 list. She holds an MsC in Computational Neurobiology from Tel Aviv University and is a passionate advocate for social entrepreneurship.

Barak Goldstein

Co-founder & COO

is a serial entrepreneur who established his first venture at the age of 16 and whose most recent startup was acquired by one of Europe’s Big 4 Utilities. He has a track record of successfully managing billion-dollar technology product lines and investment portfolios across dozens of global markets.

Idan Tsitiat

Co-founder & CTO

is a machine learning and artificial intelligence authority who founded his first startup at the age of 17 and led a team of developers during his service in the IDF’s elite intelligence unit 81. He holds a degree in computer science from Tel Aviv University.

Ohad Hen

Co-founder & VP R&D

is a machine learning and artificial intelligence expert who served in the IDF’s elite intelligence unit 81. He holds a degree in computer science from Tel Aviv University.


Alex Pinchev

Alex Pinchev​

Investor & Observer

Former President of Sales @ Rackspace, RedHat, Managining Partner at Capri Ventures

Don Duet

Investor & Board Member

Former Global Head of Technology @ Goldman Sachs

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New York, New York 10018

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