Bonobo AI Has Joined the Salesforce Family!

We’re excited to share that Salesforce, the global CRM leader, has closed its acquisition of Bonobo AI!

Salesforce’s acquisition of Bonobo AI will allow us to expand upon on our vision — driving the Conversational Intelligence revolution and helping companies know their customers like never before.

With Bonobo AI, companies turn customer conversations into meaningful insights which power sales, customer satisfaction and retention. Bonobo AI enables companies to analyze customer interactions, empowering sales teams to spot trends, improve conversations and drive customer success.

Bonobo AI will enhance the power of Salesforce Sales Cloud by leveraging conversational intelligence within the Salesforce Platform, allowing companies to utilize one of their most valuable sources of data – customer interactions.

We would like to deeply thank our employees, customers, investors and everyone that contributed to our success. We are thrilled to become part of the amazing Salesforce family and continue to the next phase of our journey.

Bonoboly yours,

The Bonobo AI team

About Bonobo

Bonobo is the first conversational intelligence platform for organizations seeking to know their customers and grow customer relationships at scale. The platform centralizes fragmented customer interaction data from across channels and leverages AI to power action-ready insights from throughout the customer journey – driving an immediate lift in customer conversion, upsell, and retention.