Better customer relationships powered by conversational intelligence

Conversations are the new gold

Companies have more customer data than ever before. But it’s hard for customer-facing teams to leverage that information to run their business day-to-day. Data on customer interactions is fragmented across different systems, and the richest data (voice, chat, video, and email) is unstructured, making it difficult to analyze.

Bonobo is the first conversational intelligence platform built to help customer-facing teams know their customers at scale. Powered by AI, Bonobo aggregates and analyzes customer data from every touchpoint – driving greater conversion, upsell, and retention.

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Bonobo is built to capture and mine rich, unstructured data from every customer interaction across voice, chat, video, email, and more. The platform synthesizes insights from the entire customer lifecycle, enabling teams to take action on opportunities and risks and put customer insights at the center of organizational strategy.

From conversation to action. Without the guesswork.

A peek under the hood

Bonobo connects to customer interaction platforms (including voice, chat, video, email, and more) to capture and analyze 100% of customer data – and then makes insights available to customer-facing teams, as well as to any database or service to power real-time automation.

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Out-of-the-box integrations

Turnkey integrations with every major conversational platform

Bonobo Journey Intelligence

Proprietary AI technology distills insights from across the entire customer relationship, not just isolated snippets

On-the-fly segmentation

Answers to any business question, and reporting to go past the “what” to the “why”

Predictive heatmapping

Automated opportunity and risk identification to help leaders know where to focus time and energy when managing a large customer base

Insight-to-action link

Automated export to other systems and platforms to power real-time automation


Bonobo plugs in seamlessly to dozens of voice, chat, video, and email platforms
to capture and analyze 100% of customer interaction data.

Know your customers

discover your most important customer segments, and how each is engaging with your brand

Drive retention and upsell

power automated outreach action when customers are ready to deepen their relationship with your brand

Identify and remediate risks

proactively surface and manage customers at risk of churning, legal liabilities, or other business risks

Anticipate customer needs

discover new market opportunities by distilling product feedback, customer sentiment trends, competitive insights, and more

Align the business around customer insights

infuse customer feedback into strategic decision-making

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