Webinar: Using Conversational Analytics and AI to Grow Revenue and Customer Loyalty

Bonobo CEO and Co-Founder, Efrat Rapoport, was recently joined by HoneyBook CEO and Co-Founder, Oz Alon, to host a webinar taking an in-depth look at how HoneyBook’s customer-facing teams have been using AI and Conversational Intelligence (powered by Bonobo) to increase conversions, improve customer loyalty, and decrease fraud. HoneyBook shared several real-world examples demonstrating these use cases. The main presentation was followed by a live Q&A.

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About Bonobo

Bonobo is the first conversational intelligence platform for organizations seeking to know their customers and grow customer relationships at scale. The platform centralizes fragmented customer interaction data from across channels and leverages AI to power action-ready insights from throughout the customer journey – driving an immediate lift in customer conversion, upsell, and retention.